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As one of the most developed countries in the world, Switzerland, officially the Swiss Confederation, is a federal republic in Europe. It attracts thousands of people from all over the world by its cultural, historic and humane advantages. Warm summer, glacial climate stereotype spanning the top of mountain and pleasant Mediterranean climate at Switzerland’s southern tip are all elements contributing to its differences compared with other similar countries.

When tired and hungry, you may as well stop and enjoy various fabulous cuisine and beverage there. There are some unique ingredients combined with usually cooked foods in other European countries.

Majority of people lived in Switzerland are enthusiastic about football. Switzerland national football team has participated in many international sports events and achieved great success at fierce competitions. That’s the reason why Switzerland football shirt, especially the latest home shirt in 2016.


As an inevitable part of the United Kingdom, Wales locates on the island of Great Britain, covering an area of 20,779 square kilometers. The predominate area in Wales are influenced by a changeable maritime climate with cloud, wind warm summers and mild winters. As destination in developed area, most of people go to Wales to explore this land’s humane culture and famous mountains and rivers.

For shortage of arable land, most of its lands are used as grass pasture to flourish lamb, cattle and other animals. Due to interweaved and intricate historical relation between Wales and England, Welsh cuisine has absorbed cuisine of England. Certainly, some old-fashioned architectures are well worth been visited.

Owing to general advances in educational level of people, more and more people aware the importance of sports. As one of the mostly watched sports, many people practice it in their free time. That is also the reason why Wales national football team and Wales football shirt are popular among loyal football fans. A large amount of latest home shirts of wales unveiled in 2016 had been sold out.


As a transcontinental country in Eurasia, Turkey attracts thousands of tourist from all over the world by various historical sites and on seaside resorts. So it becomes an overseas tourism destination in the past twenty years, accounting for an important part in its national economy. There are many tourism items can be chose wilfully, including culture, spa, health care tourism and natural landscape sightseeing.

The diversity of fauna and flora in Turkey profits from its geographical position. You may as well stop your forward steps and enjoy the fabulous and sublime cuisine in Turkey. After a short break, you can resume your tourism plan in Turkey.

Majority people lived in Turkey are enthusiastic about football. Turkey national football team has achieved great success in the past decades. That’s the reason why Turkey football shirt is sought after among football fans, especially the latest home shirt unveiled in 2016. You can experience other popular sports and outdoor activities in Turkey for deep learning.


AS a Scandinavian state in Northern Europe, Sweden shares border with Norway to the west and north and Finland to the east, covering an area of 450,295 square kilometers.

There are four distinct seasons in Sweden with mild temperature through the whole year. The diversity of three typical climate stereotypes – oceanic climate, humid continental climate, subarctic climate, is the direct reason affecting the diversity of fauna and flora.

The mostly populated sport is football, and horse sport is one of the popular sports among practitioners second to football. The Sweden national football team has participated in many critical international sports events, obtaining great success by extraordinary performances in competitions. That’s why Sweden football shirt is sought after among loyal football fans, especial the latest football shirt published in 2016.