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The Republic of Albania, known as Albania, is one of the oldest countries in Europe and has a long history. There are historic sites such as Buthrotum, an archeological site in Vlorë County, Albania, and Gjirokaster Castle, located in Rruga Evlia Celebi 1, Gjirokaster, Albania.

The country spans 28,748 square kilometres (11,100 square miles) and had a total population of 3 million people as of 2016. There are 3 languages that are completely independent of the mainstream languages. Albanian is one of them that is spoken by over 5 million people.

The standard of living of Albanians is the lowest in Europe. Prices are also lower than other countries in Europe. Fruits and vegetables are fresh and pure. Therefore, cucumbers and tomatoes are all better than the domestic ones. Albanians like to sit in cafes or bars just for chatting, or reading the newspaper, so these places are basically located on every corner in Tirana, the capital and the largest city of Albania.

Besides the leisurely life, football, as the most influential individual sport around the world, is also popular with Albanians. Football arrived in Albania at the beginning of the 20th century. The sport is governed by the Football Association of Albania, established in 1930. On October 11, 2015, Albania national team qualified for UEFA Euro 2016, which was its first ever major men’s national football tournament. Thus, Albania football shirts became necessary when fans show their support to the team from then on, particularly Albania Home Shirt 2017. The shirt is red with black collar and cuffs, showing respect for the national flag.