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As an inevitable part of the United Kingdom, Wales locates on the island of Great Britain, covering an area of 20,779 square kilometers. The predominate area in Wales are influenced by a changeable maritime climate with cloud, wind warm summers and mild winters. As destination in developed area, most of people go to Wales to explore this land’s humane culture and famous mountains and rivers.

For shortage of arable land, most of its lands are used as grass pasture to flourish lamb, cattle and other animals. Due to interweaved and intricate historical relation between Wales and England, Welsh cuisine has absorbed cuisine of England. Certainly, some old-fashioned architectures are well worth been visited.

Owing to general advances in educational level of people, more and more people aware the importance of sports. As one of the mostly watched sports, many people practice it in their free time. That is also the reason why Wales national football team and Wales football shirt are popular among loyal football fans. A large amount of latest home shirts of wales unveiled in 2016 had been sold out.


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